Benefits of hiring a public adjuster

Seven Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster:
1. They understand insurance policy language.
2. They represent the policyholder, not the insurance company.
3. They are experts in estimating damages.
4. They can save the policyholder time and aggravation.
5. They protect the rights and the interests of the policyholder.
6. They document, prepare and negotiate claims efficiently.
7. They will maximize your insurance claim settlement.
When you add it all up, hiring a public adjuster just makes practical and financial sense. 

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Four Elements Adjusters are ready to assist you with your commercial claim without any business...

Residential Claims

We help you to get your life back together. Hail damage, fire damage, water damage...

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We offer free property assessment and policy coverage review for our clients. Learn more.

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Do you feel like your insurance company did not reimburse you fully for your insurance?

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We have over-turned over mIllions of dollars in rejected claims with the help of our expert team.

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We handle commercial and residential claims associated with storm, hail, wind, fire, and water...

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storm Damage in Peoria

Severe hail and wind has affected Chicagoland. We can help you navigate through the complex insurance claim process and maximize your settlement. We can increase your settlement by 600%.

"Would you go to court without an attorney?"
When Disaster strikes, call Four Elements Adjusters, YOUR insurance claim advocates.

WHY Four Elements Adjusters?

Four Elements Adjusters understands the full impact that damage to your home or business can have on you,your family and your finances. Our professionals provide a level of expertise and care that is unmatched, tailoring their response to the unique circumstances of your loss. We work on behalf of you, the policyholder, through all stages of the insurance claims process.


We are an accredited, trusted business in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. We have the best track record in the industry for approvals, with over 37 years of experience.. We employ the best of best in this industry (Estimators, Engineers, Appraisers, Attorneys)s that specialize in complex insurance claims. This team is able to communicate seamlessly throughout the entire duration of your claim to achieve the results that you want.


Our public insurance adjusters have faced all types of disasters successfully bringing thousands of homeowners and business owners through the insurance claims process.We are your insurance claim advocates.
When a loss occurs, your focus will be on providing a safe environment for your family and getting your life and business back to normal. Our focus will be navigating you thru this complex process while at the same time maximizing your settlement amount.


A staff Adjuster or independent Adjuster assigned by your insurance company will inspect your loss and determine its value from their perspective. These adjusters do this for their insurance companies every day. An FEA consultant will level the playing field by implementing its advocacy and settlement experience into the adjustment process exclusively on your behalf helping you avoid problematic coverage disputes or denied claims.
The fact is, you will most likely have a significant disadvantage without your own FEA consultant and people regularly lose out on disputed insurance claims and policies as a result.


Chicago, IL | Hail and w

This client filed a claim on their own andreceived a repair estimate. They were unhappy with the results of their claim and they contacted us for a free consultation. After reveiwng their policy and conducting a free property inspection, we were able to get them approve a new roof replacement.

Palos Hills, IL | Wind & Hail Loss

This specific client had called us for a free certified inspection. After our inspection, we found that there was wind and hail damage to the roof system. After we went thru the entire claims process, we were able to get this client approved for a new roof replacement.

Lansing, IL | Wind Loss

This claim was initially denied and the insurance company would not extend coverage to anything. Finally we ended up using on of our engineers to asses the damage and also the cause of it. The insurance company ended up hiring an engineer as well. At the end our engineer report made a lot sense by proving that we actually do have wind damage on the roof.

Chicago, IL | Wind & Water Loss

FEA was contacted after a severe wind storm. During our FREE Inspection, we found evidence of wind and water damage on the roof systems and interior. We were able to get them approved for a full roof replacement thru their carrier and for interior damage.