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Storm Damage in Peoria

Severe hail and wind has affected Peoria and the surrounding towns (Morton, Bartonville, East Peoria, Elmwood, Hanna City, Groveland, Creve Coeur, and Marquette Heights). We can help you navigate thru this complex insurance claim process and maximize your settlement. We can increase your settlement by 600%.


Chicago, IL | Hail and w

This client filed a claim on their own andreceived a repair estimate. They were unhappy with the results of their claim and they contacted us for a free consultation. After reveiwng their policy and conducting a free property inspection, we were able to get them approve a new roof replacement.

Palos Hills, IL | Wind & Hail Loss

This specific client had called us for a free certified inspection. After our inspection, we found that there was wind and hail damage to the roof system. After we went thru the entire claims process, we were able to get this client approved for a new roof replacement.

Lansing, IL | Wind Loss

This claim was initially denied and the insurance company would not extend coverage to anything. Finally we ended up using on of our engineers to asses the damage and also the cause of it. The insurance company ended up hiring an engineer as well. At the end our engineer report made a lot sense by proving that we actually do have wind damage on the roof.

Chicago, IL | Wind & Water Loss

FEA was contacted after a severe wind storm. During our FREE Inspection, we found evidence of wind and water damage on the roof systems and interior. We were able to get them approved for a full roof replacement thru their carrier and for interior damage.

Since a storm is an "ACT OF GOD", there is no increase in your premium.
It is the smart thing to do...Better safe than sorry.