Denied Claim Solutions

We have over-turned over mIllions of dollars in rejected claims with the help of our expert team.

We have over-turned millions of dollars in denied claims with the help of our team of experts. We employ the best of best in this industry (Estimators, Engineers, Appraisers, Attorneys)s that specialize in complex insurance claims. This team is able to communicate seamlessly throughout the entire duration of your claim to achieve the results that you want.

free property inspection

free property inspection and consultation

Insurance Claim Denied files command top priority. Once a home or business owner signs up with our company we start working for you immediately. Our engagement letter allows us to get the insurance company to send us all relative information concerning your insurance claim. We fully scope the claim to include a maximum number for the damage and we do that with the same program the insurance companies use which is called Xactimate. We then present our findings to the insurance company and argue the reasons to reverse their Insurance Claim Denial.  We can help you navigate your way though all of the insurance company's "red tape" and getting the results you deserve.

Insurance companies send out Insurance Claim Denied letters even if you have a legitimate claim! Why do you think that is the case? In one word – Profits. Insurance companies are in business to make a profit, and if they paid ever claim every time a claim was filed, they would not be very profitable! As Public Adjusters we have the power to discover the reason for the Insurance Claim Denial, but when insurance companies refuse our very well organized  rebuttal, is the fight over? Absolutely not! Unlike many other Public Adjusting firms, we have a team of legal experts that have over 45 years of  experience fighting and winning Insurance Denied Claim situations. 

 Let us assist you with your denied claim.