Free Property Inspection

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Protecting your biggest investment shouldn't even be a question. It is extremely important to inspect your property after a catastrpohic event (hail storm, wind strom, fire, flood. Our inspection is no ordinary inspection. Our experts are highly trained to recognize damage that most home and business owners did not even know existed and can take several years before it becomes a problem. In addition we will review your insurance policy to determine that you are properly insured and not overpaying.

This forensic inspection and insurance policy consultation is FREE.

It is the smart thing to do.

free property inspection

free property inspection and consultation

Most homeowners and business owners do not realize that they have damage until it is too late. Our certified forensic inspectors are highly trained and they have the knowledge to identify and document damage in a way that it can properly be presented to the insurance company.

Our specialists will inspect at the entire exterior of the building, looking for potential problems along the roofline and exterior walls. If you have any interior damage, they will document and estimate everything with extreme detail. At last, they will sit with you and review your current property insurance policy and educate you on the extent and conditions of your coverage.

Insurance policies are particularly complex and contain valuable potential benefits that are sometimes overlooked. Damage to structures and contents and the effect on business income and expenses, if not investigated and presented appropriately, can cause a home owner or business owner a great opportunity loss by his acceptance of payment for an undervalued claim.

Our consultation will be able to allows us to recognize the portions of your insurance policy where either more or less coverage may be needed. As we do not sell insurance, we have no interest other than making sure that your property is properly insured for any future loss while, at the same time, not overpaying for excessive coverage.

Our property inspections and policy consultations are FREE. It is the smartest and safest thing to do.