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Do you feel like your insurance company did not reimburse you fully for your insurance?

One of the most important reasons to hire a public insurance adjuster is to avoid being underpaid by your insurance company when you file a property insurance claim. Without past experience or some expertise in the matter, there may be no way for you to know if you are being offered less than you will need to repair your property.

Do you feel like your insurance company did not reimburse you fully for your insurance claim or Underpaid your Claim?

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So you are one of millions of property owners who have filed a claim with their insurance company. Now the insurance company adjuster is offering you a settlement but the amount of the settlement does not even closely cover the damages done to your property. This happens with the insurance companies more often than many realize.

Underpaid claims is nothing new to the insurance industry. It is the job of the insurance company to pay your property damage claims as little as possible if anything at all. If they get a chance to deny your claim for any reason, they will. By minimizing payouts and offering you, the property owner, an underpaid claim settlement the insurance company saves money and increases their bottom line. It is rare to see the insurance company offering a settlement that is satisfactory, thus covering all property damage sustained, for the property owner.

Fighting with your insurance company to get you a fair settlement on your claim of property damage, a settlement that would cover your property damages in full, is the public adjuster’s job. Underpaid insurance claims are no laughing matter. By hiring a public adjuster you are telling the insurance company that you mean business. The insurance industry does not want you to know that it is your legal right to be represented by a licensed public adjuster. A licensed public insurance adjuster is the only individual who is licensed to represent you, the public, in dealing with the insurance company negotiations. They collect no fees if they can not settle your claim!